“A Complete Range of Electrical & Energy related Services Under One Roof”



Blue Sea - Electrical & Energy related services provides End-to-End Turnkey Solutions comprising of Consulting, Designing, Engineering, Contracting, Statutory Approvals (CEIG & Inspectorate / TNEB), Equipment Supply, Testing, Erection, Commissioning, Service and Annual Maintenance under one roof for all kinds of EHV, HV, MV & LV Installations.

Blue Sea is emerging as one among the reliable company in last 40 years due the customized services to its valuable stake holders through Uncompromising Quality Products and Services as per the IEC Standards, Safety , Government Regulations, Cost Effective and as per Future requirements.

  • ESA Grade Licensed Electrical Contractors
  • Consultants and Erection Engineers
  • Substation Installations
  • Designing, Planning, Testing and Commissioning
  • Liasoning & Clearance, Statutory Approvals (CEIG & Inspectorate/TNEB)
  • Suppliers of all EHV, HV, MV and LV Electrical Accessories
  • Onsite Electrical Maintenance support
  • Electrical Liasoning & Clearance, Statutory Approvals for Solar Projects
  • Automatic Energy Monitoring & Controlling Solutions for Industrial Utilities


Blue Sea manufactures all types of custom-built LT Panels integrated with World Class Standard products which last for decades without any interruption to the customers. Our Electrical Panels are designed to give more importance to space constraints with easy accessible and high durability standards. Blue Sea has its fully equipped manufacturing facility to meet the standards.


Blue Sea is concentrating on Integration of IOT Based Smart Panels comprising advanced instruments which enables to measure the complete Electrical Parameters and share through various communication sources on Wired and Wireless Systems to the management. It keeps logging the performance of the equipments on real time and gives the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. It periodically inspects the overloads, efficiency and any abnormalities proactively and communicates to the department for easy identification. This concept shall be integrated in HT/ LT Panels, MV Panels, SSB’s, LSSB, MCC,DB’s, etc. This will be an added benefit to the clients where they shall monitor the entire performance of the plant, improve the overall operational efficiency, save energy directly, and finally protects our complete Electrical Systems.

  • EB/DG Change Over MV Switch Boards
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Control Desk Type Panels
  • Double Front Operated Type Panels
  • Generator Control Panels
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Control Centers
  • HT Bus Ducts
  • LT Bus Ducts
  • Fuse Distribution Boards
  • Sub Switch Boards
  • LT CT Meter Boards


Blue Sea is offering complete range of Annual Electrical Maintenance Contract Services which are carried out by Senior Team who has over 30+ years of Electrical Services and highly experienced service engineers on HV, MV & LV Equipments on site.

To further extend the service support to clients at any time, we have dedicated team with Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Unit along with complete set of testing equipments which cater to the Testing and Servicing of equipments on site. Blue Sea AMC Services shall be done as per Standard Testing procedures as per the manufacturer’s instructions and as per the safety limits. Blue Sea ensures the Safe operations on the Protection Systems in the plant. Please Note : All our Testing equipments are calibrated at Electrical Standard Laboratory, Guindy, Chennai.

  • Transformer Oil Filtration
  • Pre-Commissioning Test
  • Servicing of Transformers
  • Servicing of HT/LT Switch Gears
  • High Voltage Test
  • Servicing of Transformer & OLTC
  • Oil BDV Test
  • HT Cable Test
  • Earth Test
  • Relay Test
S.No Details Ranges to be Tested
1 Insulation Resistance Tester
(1000V Meggar)
1000V,0 – 200 M.ohm
2 Insulation Resistance Tester
(500V Meggar)
500V, 0 – 100 M.ohm
3 Phase Sequence Meter
50V – 500V
25 C/S – 60 C/S
4 Tong Tester Ammeter
a. 0 - 1000A
b. 0 - 600V
5 Voltmeter 0 – 600V
6 Earth resistance meter 0 - 100 ohms
8 Single Phase I/P:230V, O/P:0-60KV
Oil Test Kit
9 Relay Test Kit (0-10-50-100A,0-230V AC)
11 High voltage TEST KIT Single Phase 230V, High Voltage Test Kit – O/P Voltage: 0-80 KV- AC/DC/100Ma.
12 Transformer Oil Filtration Kit 1200 LPH
13 Complete Tools and Site Instruments 3 SETS
14 Thermal Indicator 550 Deg
15 Digital Lux Meter 2 Lakh Lux
16 Humidity Meter Standard
17 Power Analyzer
18 Thermal Imager / Thremography
19 IOT Based Electrical Instruments
20 IOT Based HVAC Instruments


Blue Sea is providing World Class IOT (Real Time) Based Smart Energy Audit Services in associate with highly experienced Accredited & Certified Energy Auditors of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India and AEE Certified International Technical Partners, Malaysia with adequate Technical Team who are expertised for 3 decades in the field of Energy Arena. Our company is well equipped with Advanced IOT Based Instruments on Electrical, Thermal, HVAC and Water Utilities with utmost accuracy to measure energy utilization among the Industrial & Commercial Applications.

Our Energy Audit Team experts had successfully completed more than 1000+ Energy Audits on various Industrial and Commercial Sectors in India and Overseas. Our Energy Auditors has successfully executed Energy Efficient and Retrofitting projects for wide range of Industrial, Commercial & Government Sectors - Municipals and Corporation projects and achieved 10-25% of energy savings.

  • IOT Based Detailed Energy Audit on Electrical | Thermal | HVAC Utilities
  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Harmonics / Power Quality Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging / Thermography
  • Building Energy Audit - Diesel, Water & Gas Audit
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Carbon Foot Print Study
  • Green / Environment Management
  • Environment Management
  • ISO 50001 Technical Support
  • Technical Training on Energy Conservation Activities
  • MW Scale Solar Power Plant Technical & Feasibility Audit
  • Bio Energy Audit


Blue Sea is providing Turnkey Solutions on Solar Power Projects and Solar Water Heating Systems in associate with Global players who has successfully completed Large Solar Projects in India and across the country. Blue Sea is into integrating of solar equipments and provides customized solution to the Industrial and Commercial Sectors. Blue Sea had successfully installed Solar Power Plants for Educational Institutions, Industries and Residential Sectors in last 10 years. We are involved in procuring of Materials, Designing, Erection, Testing & Commissioning, Statutory Approvals for KW to MW range projects.

  • Supply of Materials, Designing, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Plants (KW to MW)
  • Erection Engineers for Solar Power Projects & Solar Water Heaters
  • Electrical Support for Solar Farms - (MW Power Projects)
  • Roof Top Captive Generation Power Plants
  • Electrical Liasoning & Clearance, Statutory Approvals for Solar Projects
  • Supply and Installation of Commercial Solar Water Heaters


Blue Sea is providing International Standard IOT - Online Energy Monitoring & Controlling Solutions for all kinds of Energy resources (Electricity, Fuel, Gas, Water, Solar, etc) that an Industry uses for its entire production and operational purpose. EMS is the part of Energy Conservation Measures through which we shall be able to identify the maximum opportunities among every individual equipment in the Industries. Blue Sea is in associate with leading Solution providers SBDM & SPZ who are expertised on providing customized Online Energy Management System Software and Complete range of Hardware's.

  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Energy Auditing/Billing Solution
  • Electrical Distribution Monitoring
  • Water flow metering
  • Retail Energy Saver Solution
  • Smart Street Light Solution
  • Building Management System (BMS)